If you are setting up a new qmail mail server and find that mail is not sending and your log file
is filling up with errors like
4000000050b4bf9c332262ac status: local 2/10 remote 0/255
@4000000050b4bf9c33226694 starting delivery 615: msg 4360035 to local [email protected]
@4000000050b4bf9c33226a7c status: local 3/10 remote 0/255
@4000000050b4bf9c33226e64 starting delivery 616: msg 4360031 to local [email protected]
@4000000050b4bf9c3322b89c status: local 4/10 remote 0/255
@4000000050b4bf9c33bf3eec delivery 615: deferral: Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir._(#
@4000000050b4bf9c33bf46bc status: local 3/10 remote 0/255
@4000000050b4bf9c33c5befc delivery 614: deferral: Unable_to_chdir_to_maildir._(#
Then this is down to a missing or badly permissioned directory.
If you are using vpopmail then check that your directories from
down to
all have owership
Finally, if you have built qmail to record all incoming and outgoing mail to a central folder then make sure that folder exists and is correctly permissioned.