This is a test article for my own content management system which I will use to maintain a number of websites for domains I own. The CMS will be set out so that it is easy to use from a netbook or other small form factor device so that I can generate content whilst commuting by train into London.
My Cactus Collection
Cactus Collection
Here is a test image.
My CMS automatically floats images alternately left and right using CSS. I have created an image processor in PHP which automatically adds borders and a watermark to my images to make it harder for people to steal them or hotlink to them. Currently this happens on the fly but in time I will be adding a caching mechanism to reduce server load.
The main objects within the CMS are represented as PHP classes to make loading from the database and manipulating of content very easy. Once the CMS is production-ready I will release it as open source. If you are interested then please contact me using the email address at the bottom of the page.
Wallflowers in my garden
The long-term goal of this project is to generate a second income from search engine advert placements such as Google Adsense. By automating each CMS article to maximise search engine interest I aim to make the task of going from domain name to fully functional revenue-generating website as simple as possible.