UPDATE 2012/09/25
Check out Zack Freedman's "Pi in the face" wearable Pi http://blog.makerbar.com/?p=254
Placeholder page for links and experiments into building a HUD for a wearable computer based on the Raspberry Pi.
Vuzix Wrap 280 Widescreen = 320x240 resolution
Vuzix VR920 = 640x480 resolution
Both have RCA composite video input, for the VR920 there is an optional HDMI adapter
Both weight around 3oz and provide 6 hours life from batteries (more from lithiums)
Vuzix Wrap 1200 (852x480 resolution) review
Sony HMZ-T1 dual 1280x720 resolution OLEDs ($800 launch price)
Oculus Rift open source head mounted display (HMD)
Google Glass versus Vuzix for Augmented Reality (AR)
Raspberry Pi has composite and HDMI video outputs.
Disassembling Vuzix virtual reality glasses
Adafruit transparent LCD / HUD
Instructables LCD / HUD project
Learnt something new today. LCD screens are partially transparent when energised if you remove the backlight.
Some more info that shows I will need to use optics to focus to infinity if the LCD is close to the eye: